conducted by Glenn Richardson

About Glenn:

Glenn Richardson is a professional martial arts instructor with over 25 years of experience. Licensed to teach Tae Kwon Do, Okinawan Karate, and Tai Chi he is intensely focused on providing students with the full range of benefits that martial arts can provide. Experienced in Traditional Chinese Medicine he specializes in negating the effects of chronic disease /pain through comprehensive development of the human body. He has taught multiple times for the YMCA, Parks and Recreation programs, and at other centers in the area. His main goal is to provide a compassionate and safe environment where all participants can feel comfortable and successful!

Tai Chi: Yang Style (Short Form) [Cheng’s 37 Postures]

For millennia the East has recognized the synergy created by the simultaneous development of the physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies. These activities will not only create robust vitality, but greatly increase participant’s ability to control their personal energy and live a healthier life! The training during class is very gentle, and all work is done in the spirit of creating and maintaining a supreme state of health. There are no belts or ranks, all ability levels are welcome. Please come join us and take the first steps to becoming a more complete, balanced, healthy and happy person!

Karate: Traditional Naha-Te Style

This class will focus exclusively on the instruction of the martial arts forms from the city of Naha in Okinawa. Students will not only learn how to generate physical power, but energy power as well. Sparring and free fighting will not be a part of the training curriculum and the environment is at all times non-competitive. Self Defense will be taught as a natural part of class with a focus on practical applications for today’s World. Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 36 vital points will be taught in conjunction with the Karate forms, as will Zen philosophy as it applies to the Martial Arts.

For class times, cost and additional information contact Glenn Richardson:

Email: Greatspiritway@gmail.com

Phone: (315) 880-6285


 About The Yogi Coach Studio

The Yogi Coach Studio is conveniently located in the North Syracuse – Liverpool area,  just minutes from interstates 81 exit 26 (Mattydale) and NYS Thruway I90.  On Rt. 11 with easy access and plenty of free parking.

Hatha Yoga classes are offered for beginner, intermediate and advanced level students. The energizing Heated Yoga class is offered every Sunday at noon and a relaxing meditative Restorative Yoga class is conducted on a monthly basis.

  • New to yoga looking for a beginner level program then consider the gentle yoga for a slower paced instruction.
  • Seeking to de-stress  from the challenges of the day then relax, let go and be guided at the monthly restoration class.
  • An experienced yogi looking for alternative classes then explore your edge at the multilevel or Heated Yoga  classes.
  • A weekend warrior looking to supplement cross-training activities then allow the multilevel class to improve your flexibility and core stabilization.
  • Visiting the area and would like to attend a class then view the class schedule , register on-line and come to class. The Yogi Coach welcomes all.  Mats are available on a limited basis for a charge of $1.00 .

The meaning of yoga from a students perspective

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Learn more by reading The Yogi Coach spotlight featuring a testimonial by Dr. Suzi –  a story of humility, courage and gratitude. A story that will make all appreciate the essence of every breath!