The Yogi Coach


The Studio

Studio features:

  • Easy access and onsite free parking
  • Quiet, soothing and peaceful ambiance
  • Simple and zen-like
  • Indirect and natural diffused lighting
  • Pure 100% woven strand bamboo flooring
  • Franciscan slate entryway
  • State-of-the art sound system

Yoga has so much to offer, yet it is so misunderstood. Honoring the ageless practice of yoga is invigorating, refreshing and creates that special vitality we all seek. However, new students sometimes do not see the benefits at first. Some poses may seem overwhelming, or their focus becomes distracted and even breathing techniques can become a challenge. Yet other times physical limitations seem to be a hurdle which leads to frustration. Hopefully, my goal is to teach with a special care, focusing on individualistic needs and working as a team to overcoming each obstacle that presents itself.  Yoga offers something for everyone.

The Yogi Coach believes yoga serves everyone and offers programs just for that purpose:


For more information regarding these programs contact The Yogi Coach.