Things to know about The Yogi Coach classes

Regardless of which yoga class you attend, you will always be reminded to honor your own “edge” or physical limitations. Learning to respect and honor your own physical capabilities is a golden rule to remember. Embrace each pose and routine instead of trying to force or to power them. Always honor your limitations and your practice will flourish. Remember, yoga props are encouraged and can enhance your practice.

In addition, students may experience different energy levels at class. One week, the class focus may entail flowing routines that generate energy while the next class is presented with slower experiential movements allowing for more inner awareness. Come to class with an open mind to accept and honor each pose and/or routine offered by the instructor.

Keep in mind most classes will offer different weekly routines to provide new focus to your practice. This variety is intended to enhance your awareness and provide a richer appreciation for yoga.

Generally, classes will be either 75 minutes or 90 minutes with a beginning, middle and ending;

  • Centering (Pranayama, Dirgha Pranayama, Ujjayi Pranayama)
  • Poses (Asanas, Vinyasas)
  • Relaxation (Shavasana)

Some benefits you will receive from class include:

Stress Reduction • Improved Flexibility • Enhance Immune System • Increases Core Stabilization  • Overall body strength • Improved  Circulation • Reduced anxiety • Lower blood pressure • Improved concentration & focus

Important reminders about class – Studio Policies

  • Students must register for class on the web site. A confirmation email will be sent after you register.
  • The Studio has a 3-hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel,  we ask to be notified at least 3 hours prior to class. The confirmation email contains the policy and instructions for cancelling. This policy is strictly enforced.
  • It is highly recommended that students arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class and plan to stay for the entire class. Classes begin and end promptly according to the class times.
  • It is expected students are on their mat and ready when class begins.
  • Studio doors are locked a few minutes before the start of the class and will not be opened once class begins. It is understandable situations may occur that results in being late, however, this policy is to honor and respect something bigger than ourselves – the Studio, the Instructor and the Class.  This policy is strictly enforced.
  • Yoga practice is a private time for everyone. Be mindful and respectful of that.
  • Please refrain from using perfumes or lotions
  • Turn cell phones off before entering the studio.
  • No shoes are allowed on the studio floor
  • Practicing Yoga on an empty stomach is best, at least 2 hours following a full meal
  • Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that allows you to breathe and move easily
  • Bring a yoga mat.  I would refer you to my blog  – All about Yoga Mats.  All purpose fitness mats are not very good for yoga so if anything make sure your mat is intended for yoga.
  • Generally,  you will not need any water during class.  After class, it is recommended to increase your water, fresh fruit and vegetable intake.
  • Yoga is noncompetitive and does not conflict with Western religion
  • For Restoration class,  please bring a few thick blankets, pillow and have an extra sweater handy

Have more questions? See FAQ.

Private Group Classes – Wellness Programs

Whether you are business, an organization or even a sports team, I can tailor a yoga wellness program for your group. Yoga is a wonderful experience at lunch time or right after work. Many companies are encouraging their employess to be involved in wellness programs today and I will be glad to assist you in establishing such a program

Contact for more details.

Individual Instruction

I offer one-on-one instruction for those that feel intimated or limited in their abilities in a class setting. I also provide advanced yoga sessions for those seeking to deepen their yoga experience.

Contact for more details.