Restorative Yoga

Calm the mind, nurture the body and heal the soul

Offered on a monthly basis. See class schedule.

Intended for:

  • Class is for EVERYONE, no yoga experience needed
  • For those that want to learn relaxation techniques
  • End your week with a big relief and learn to chill
  • Combines a meditative ambiance with soothing poses
  • Calm the mind, nurture the body and heal the soul

Restorative Yoga is learning to relax in poses that are extremely gentle and nurturing. The music, ambiance and guidance will create a truly peaceful experience. When the mind and body are in a relaxed state, incredible healing occurs resulting in a harmonious and tranquil state. This is a time to ‘let go’ of the stresses and anxieties of the day. Some call this class their “chill time” ; others refer to it as their “special time.”  This very popular class offers all students, regardless of their level, a time to embrace stillness, peacefulness and harmony.

Beginner Yoga (also called Gentle Yoga)

Experience the harmony of Yoga

Offered Monday 6:30 – 8:00pm & Saturday 11:00am – 12:15pm

Intended for:

  • Those new to yoga or those seeking to refine their practice
  • Smaller class size allowing for individualistic instruction
  • Learn the basics of Hatha Yoga – breathing, poses, alignment, safety & relaxation
  • Explore the power of the yoga breath
  • A wonderful opportunity for exploring inner awareness with a slower and gentler experience
  • Learn how to use yoga props

Beginner Yoga is intended for the student new to hatha yoga or for one that would like to refine their practice. Students learn the basics of yoga which includes proper breathing techniques (prana), yoga terminology & poses (asana) , correct pose alignment and relaxation techniques (savasana). Emphasis will be on slow movements, correct alignment, inner awareness and safety. A wonderful class to experience balance and harmony in motion.  The class is presented in a guided, gentle and detailed manner. There will be special attention and focus on pose alignment and learning to modify a pose based on any limitations that one may have.  Each week there will be a new set of poses presented.

Multilevel Class (a SERIES4 class)

A time to balance the body, mind and soul!

Offered Tuesday 6:00 -7:30pm, Thursday 6:00-7:30pm and Saturday 9:30-10:45am

Intended for:

  • No age or level requirement,  prior yoga experience suggested
  • Seeking a moderate energy level with an enhanced restorative period
  • Great for athletes and week-end warriors that want to enhance their cross-training routines
  • A time to balance the mind and body

Class is intended for students with prior yoga experience.  Expect different energy levels at each class, however all poses are presented in a gently guided manner. Students are encouraged to explore poses in a safe and experiential fashion. Listening to the body, breathing freely in the pose and honoring your limitations are stressed during the class. The perfect class for students seeking a variety to their yoga practice, one that is seeks cross-training or the those that enjoy focused and concentrated flows and poses.  Each week different flows and themes will be presented.

Intermediate Yoga (a SERIES4 class)

Awaken the body, sooth the mind and breathe

Check class schedule. This class will vary from month to month.

Intended for:

  • Prior yoga experience recommended
  • A deeper flowing practice with Baptiste, Ashtanga and Hatha routines
  • Learn to flow, breathe and focus
  • Stimulate and control both the mind & body
  • Great for those wanting a deeper practice with more flow, energy, movement, core strength, and focus.
  • A wonderful overall conditioning class

Intermediate Yoga offers more challenging flows and poses for the student interested in taking their yoga practice to a deeper level. Aspects of Ashtanga, Iyengar, Baptiste and Dharma Mitra will be presented. Poses are held longer, flows will generate more energy and different breathing techniques will be introduced. Understanding your limitations and respecting your edge is an important aspect in this Intermediate yoga class. Different flows will be presented weekly.

Hot Vinyasa Fusion Yoga (a SERIES4 class)

Cleanse the body, purify the mind & tighten your shell

Offered Sunday noon-1:30pm and on Friday evenings (monthly)

Intended for:

  • Prior yoga experience required
  • Those that embrace a heated environment
  • Learn to concentrate and flow like a butterfly
  • Improve your conditioning, your strength and your inner peace
  • Cleanse the body, purify the mind & tighten your shell
  • The ultimate yoga class for the serious vinyasa student

Vinyasa fusion class is considered an intermediate-advanced yoga class that is conducted in 80-85 degrees. Hot reflects the detox nature of the class. Vinyasa represents the constant flow or movement of the practice. Fusion blends different elements of Ashtanga, Baptiste, Bikram and Hatha Yoga. Flows and routines will vary from week to week. The music will be synchronized to the practice offering an enhanced energizing experience. This class results in a cleansing, refreshed and peaceful state.

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