The Yogi Coach Meditation Bench – Designed and hand crafted by me with the utmost quality. Makes a great gift and lasts forever!

The Yogi Coach Store – I have created a store where you can find a complete variety of yoga products that will enrich your mind, body and soul.

Also, you can find great items at the following links:

Lululemon – They make top apparel designed especially for yogis.  The clothing is one of the best qualities on the market and lasts wash after wash. They also stand behind their products. Even though the clothing is a little pricy, it is worth it when you consider how long they last.  The creator of the company is a yogi and has an interesting business model. I wear a lot of their products.

Amazon – A great place to find books, yoga accessories and music at great prices. Cant’ beat their specials and shipping costs. – Another site that offers a full range of yoga products, meditation and yoga accessories.

ZICO – A all-natural drink that was brought to my attention at a Bikram class. I have been hooked on it since then. You can find this product at Wegmans (Organic and Health Food Section) and at

Garden Greens Protein Shake – Made of soy, pea & spirulina proteins.  Also has barley greens, wheat grass, green tea and plant based enzymes. The best part it tastes great – different flavors like chocolate. 

Visit Amazon for ZICO and Protein Shake products