Feb 172012

There is a class for you

Expand your horizons and allow yourself to explore  – the limits are endless and the rewards are priceless.  Whether you are new to yoga,  currently practicing yoga or just curious about yoga  – TRY A CLASS.  Everyone is welcomed.  Yoga is not about competition, rather it is spending quality time with YOURSELF practicing an ageless discipline which has been with us for 4,000 years.  How many wellness fads, fitness programs or even sports programs can say they are 4,000 years old?  

Why are so many practicing yoga?  There is no one reason.  As a matter of fact,  reasons are wide-ranged and too numerous to mention,  but here is just a sampling –

  • Learn to de-stress
  • The ability to calm, tone and strengthen the mind, body and soul
  • Experience vitality, increased energy and sense of well-being
  • Improve flexibility, core strength and over-all body conditioning
  • Re-learn to breath again
  • Seek a meditative and peaceful experience
  • Cross-train for golf,  marathon, running,  biking, hiking and other activities
  • Wonderful 90 minute cleansing experience
  • Become refreshed, grounded, balanced and centered
  • The doctor said to try it