Aug 192012

Become refreshed with SERIES4 YOGA

The Yogi Coach Series4 Yoga Program

SERIES4 YOGA is an exclusive yoga program designed by The Yogi Coach bringing vitality and energy to the yoga class experience.  A special blending of hatha yoga forms can be characterized as a cross-training program for the mind, body and soul.

SERIES4 mirrors the times we live in. Our lives are filled with change at an ever increasing pace than at any other time in history.  Change is not easy to accept thus results in an increased stress level.  Stress produces negative energy which in turn produce an unbalanced state.  SERIES4 teaches us to adapt, relax  and accept change creating a more peaceful and calm state.

Students that enjoy elements of Hatha Yoga which includes but not limited to Baptiste, Bikram, Kripalu, Yin-Yan, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa styles will embrace  SERIES4.  The SERIES4 YOGA uses yoga in a specially designed manner creating the special harmony we all seek. A special focus is on:

  • energizing the body
  • strengthening the core
  • awakening the mind
  • soothing the soul

The program is intended for multilevel, intermediate and advanced students looking for yoga to supplement their well-being program.  The choreography of styles, intensity and energy levels produce a complete 90 minute yoga experience.  Students will become more energized, focused, stronger resulting in a peaceful & balanced state.

The key to SERIES4 is variety and focus.   You will not experience the same sequence of poses from class to class .  Secondly, there may be poses that you cannot do in full expression therefore, you will be asked to honor your own edge.  At times,  less poses are performed but held longer for deeper concentration or at times the class may use weights, straps, blocks and blankets.  At other times the room may be warmer than normal.  The key is variety which results in a more balanced mind, body and soul.

SERIES4 YOGA is intended for those:

  • Seeking a different and more vibrant yoga experience
  • Wanting to prevent injuries and/or increase overall mind and body strength
  • Interested in an energized environment
  • Enjoy individual attention
  • Those wanting to manage stress
  • Like variety and the concept of cross-training
  • Seeking to improve focus and concentration
  • Embrace a peaceful and harmonious state of being

SERIES4 will be incorporated in multilevel, intermediate and hot vinyasa classes in the Fall of 2012.